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Furthermore, and inspite of its reputation as a traveler destination for its natural beauty, the Appalachians are not a sterile environment by any means and the people who live right now there have higher risks for several types of conditions than their alternative elsewhere. According to Käfig and Growick (2003), “Americans who reside in Appalachia knowledge unique and different ways of life than most Americans. Appalachian culture works from the bottom half the State of New York through the mountains of West Virginia and Southeast Ohio towards the flatlands of Alabama. This area of the region offers several perspectives and challenges alive. Because of the physical vastness and uniqueness in the Appalachian lifestyle, many people with disabilities whom live in Appalachia are unable to get rehabilitative services and agencies” (emphasis added) (p. 18).

Likewise, many rural citizens throughout Appalachia may have got septic storage containers and will shortage access to additional city-provided solutions that their very own urban and suburban alternative take for granted. These environmental hazards may introduce some types of diseases that will need emergent treatment. In this regard, Barrett, Hackler, Highfill, Huang, Monti, and Peipins (2002) report that, “Pathogens such as Norwalk-like viruses, Campylobacter jejuni, and Ciardia lamblia have been recorded as reasons behind gastroenteritis between campers and hikers. A great outbreak of gastrointestinal condition occurred between hikers on the Appalachian Trek in Virginia during May and June 1999” (p. 18). These types of researchers determined that the closeness of a septic tank into a small price tag store’s hydrant was the source of the outbreak, and recommend educating the area populace and visitors about the need to detox water if the source is usually doubtful (Barrett et al., 2002).

Summary and Realization

The research demonstrated that understanding why, when and where people typically seek out healthcare services can help practitioners enhance the delivery of such services where and when they are many needed. Although stereotypes will be dangers, the study also revealed that many with the residents of Appalachia remain at a drawback compared to all their counterparts in other pats of parts of the country, especially in financial and healthcare terms. The study also showed that presently there remains a paucity of research specifically targeted at determining those overall health seeking manners that characterize that location of the United States called Appalachia. The double bias of being a disabled person as well as being a member of a minority group, such as living in rural Appalachia, creates several profound issues in the delivery of well being services during this place of America. The studies reviewed were consistent in identifying the Appalachian lifestyle as one that stresses satisfaction, independence and a sense of self-reliance that will definitely influence the decision-making operations for many of the residents, and the initiatives utilized to date have been completely too few and in some cases, too late to generate any big difference in just how these residents perceive the adequacy and need for well-timed health care companies.


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