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Robert frost poetry essay

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Research from Composition:

Highway not Considered, Robert Frost uses the setting, feeling, and characterization to help illumine the concept of the choice represented by the road not used.

The composition uses different literary devices to describe choice.

The poem is set inside the woods, where two tracks diverge.

The setting is usually symbolic.

The roads stand for choice.

The poem provides a contemplative disposition.

Each of the options is appealing

The tourist knows that picking one street means selecting not to stick to the other road.

The poem has a sophisticated structure with:

Four five-line stanzas;

ABAAB rhyme structure;

Iambic tetrameter; and M. The use of some anapests.

Ice uses a great unnamed narrator in the composition

A. Tall enough to have manufactured choices

No old person because the narrator expects to age

Poetry Analysis: The street not Used by Robert Ice

In The Highway not Considered, Robert Frost uses the narrator’s words to describe a male looking back again at his life and contemplating his choices. The narrator identifies a critical decision-point in his life while encountering two roads within a wood. He glances down both of the paths, idol judges them to end up being about the same inside their nature and character, and then chooses to adopt the road that has had fewer wear and fewer people. Although the narrator of the composition is, presumably, an older gentleman, he is talking about a decision produced when he can be younger. Therefore , one of the significant themes of the poem is definitely youth. One more theme of the poem is nature; he describes these life-choices with regards to how they would seem in a normal setting and exactly how each of them would appear if given the actual put on that would result from those vacationing upon all of them. Another significant theme of the poem is definitely the nature of preference. These designs become very clear as one investigates the other elements of the poem which includes setting, feelings, literary gadgets, and the characterization of the narrator.

The placing of the composition is clear. This begins “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, inch making it very clear that the narrator is standing in a yellow-colored wood (Frost, 1916). The setting can be described beyond that; one of the roads is usually well-trodden, the other hasn’t seen as much wear. They bend in to the undergrowth, suggesting that, while the beginnings from the paths happen to be well-defined, the observer cannot where they end or perhaps what problems they may hold from the beginning of the trail. Even though the setting is clear, it is not the literal environment of the poem. Instead, the setting with the poem is usually symbolic. The yellow timber themselves have little meaning other than like a place in which the narrator is definitely put in the situation of having to make a choice between two pleasant alternatives: “And apologies I could not travel the two / And stay one traveler” (Frost, 1916). Therefore , the yellow real wood could represent almost any time that a person would be put in

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