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Learning firm consolidate analysis definitions

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Excerpt from Dissertation:

learning organization. *Consolidate research definitions organization learning. *Explain business a learning organization (teaching federal government hospital). *Discuss advantages disadvantages organizational learning.

The learning organization

The present day day business climate is somewhat more challenging and dynamic and it pushes the economic agents to find alternative sources of strategic positive aspects. One example through this sense is usually represented by the enhancement with the emphasis positioned on supporting learning and the constant development of the business of learning. While this concept is getting more and more curiosity within the economic agents, also, it is highly appropriate within community entities, including hospitals.

This kind of project then simply starts at the premises the concept of the training organization is highly applicable inside the context in the teaching federal government hospital. The goal of this newspaper is that of assisting a higher comprehension of the learning firm, in order to lead to a superior application within the real life situations. In order to attain this kind of objective, an initial step is definitely represented by the definition of the idea, the knowledge of the concept inside the context with the hospital as well as the identification of its benefits and drawbacks.

2 . Definition of the learning firm

The first step in starting a discussion of your learning firm is displayed by the provision of an understanding for the idea of the learning business. One rep definition in this sense is usually provided by the meaning provided by the company Dictionary, while revealed beneath:

“Organization that acquires understanding and innovates fast enough to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

Learning organizations (1) create a traditions that stimulates and supports continuous employee learning, critical thinking, and risk choosing with new ideas, (2) allow mistakes, and value employee contributions, (3) study from experience and experiment, and (4) share the new understanding throughout the firm for incorporation into day-to-day activities” (The Business Dictionary).

The University or college of Edinburgh defines the idea of the learning business as corresponding to:

“An organisation that learns and encourages learning among it is people. That promotes exchange of information between employees consequently creating a even more knowledgable labor force. This creates a very flexible organisation in which people encourage and adjust to new concepts and changes through a shared vision” (University of Edinburgh).

In essence, the idea of the learning business represents the organizational wish to generate overall flexibility, adaptability and development throughout the promotion of continuous learning. The explanations provided are virtually identical in which means, differences staying observed on the level of the terminology used. Also, the definition provided by the organization Dictionary much more comprehensive since it reveals 4 important stages in the implementation of the learning organization, while the second explanation focuses even more on the dimension of information sharing. Both explanations recognize the importance of the position played by organizational personnel.

Throughout the whole literature actually, the definitions of the concept of the learning firm vary in terminologies, however the essence of the message sent is the same. Hugh Secord points out the similarities inside the definitions from the learning firm and remarks that all attempts to defining the concept revolve around two crucial themes, namely the concept of the implementation pertaining to sustained achievement, and the theme of knowledge copy across the organization (Secord, 2003).

3. The teaching clinic

The teaching hospital is definitely, in its nature, a learning organization because it relies on the continuous creation of doctors. The medical field is, by itself, a field through which continuous learning is required also by the many experienced doctors, due to within illnesses, but also therapies and fresh techniques and technologies pertaining to diagnosis and treatment.

Nonetheless, in the case of the teaching clinic, a peculiarity is showed by the reality the establishment welcomes fresh medical institution students and graduates and forms them into the medical profession. The novices happen to be gradually introduced to the surgical procedures and they are brought to new know-how by their administrators. Within educating hospitals, it is often a common practice for the patient to be monitored by a physician, who also is a tutor to less experienced doctors. In effect after that, the patient will probably be supervised by a team of physicians. The patient reaction to this sort of a context is mixed, with some individuals feeling better attended

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