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Excerpt by Business Plan:

As a result, we all expect to to enter the market with premium pricing. The purchase price point is likewise set in compliance with the data gathered from your target market exploration.

A marketing message will have to be finalized and an advertising agency selected to be able to help all of us build our promotional advertising campaign. The marketing message will be different depending on the target market, focusing on distinct elements of the product. Two main features of every promotions, however , will be building brand consciousness and marketing the product’s innovative technology. Building company awareness is critical because the company is unfamiliar at this time. By developing a company, we will be situated to extend that brand later on. The main feature of the system will be the technology. This concept will be located more in light of what this technology allows the consumer to do – the greatness of the unit is certainly not in the algorithm but in the energy it gives the user. This element will be heavily emphasized. The finer parts of the marketing message will probably be solidified based on the marketing research we will be conducting in the several weeks prior to release.

We should determine each of our distribution approach as well. Our existing stations are likely satisfactory, but this system may be more specialized than our typical products. You can also get likely to be additional channels just for this product we do not at present utilize (book stores, to get example). Because of this, we will need to undertake a careful research of the potential retail channels for this unit. Once we have a sense of the retail strategy, we will likely need to focus on the distribution programs that will allow all of us to access these retail outlets. We have to also determine our Internet marketing and sales strategy – do we supply the device about our web page or do we go through a 3rd party retailer including Amazon?

The funding demands of this job are significant. We believe that the software will probably be fully all set in regarding six months’ time, and we’ll need a development team working on that. Producing the marketing plan can also be costly, due to the extensive amount of exploration needed for the brand new product. Roughly the total expansion costs in the Babelfish are going to be between $1. 5-$2. zero million. After six months of development, it can be expected the fact that Babelfish will be ready to take to marketplace. This process will demand a further half a year to straightener out the production and distribution functions, also to begin the marketing campaign. The fee during this procedure is supposed to be a additional $1 million, bringing the total estimated cost of creation to $2. 5-$3. zero million.


There are not any serious competition to the Babelfish. All current devices in the market are dramatically inferior to the groundbreaking technology. Current portable translation devices will need to respond by rivalling on the basis of value, as they will certainly all be right away relegated to low-end position. This will allow us the top end niche to ourselves. An organization like Yahoo is a even more major threat as it is assumed that they have the ability to develop a speech criteria as complex as our own. They work in portable devices through their Nexus One product. As such, they represent a substantial threat to the business. The lead coming back such a reply is supposed to be upwards of one year, however , giving us time to build our organization.

There may be potential threats by companies certainly not currently in this space. Corporations that are developing translational software for equipment like the i phone or ipad tablet may be able to sooner or later emerge while competitors. Essentially they would be mimicking our strategy except using one more company’s unit whereas we now have a exclusive device.

The Future

In the next three to five years, we see significant product development and company extension. To be able to head off potential competition using established lightweight devices, we expect to generate variants of your software that individuals can sell because applications upon Apple, Blackberry mobile phones, Nexus 1 and Palm devices. This would allow all of us to part the market, and save competitors from the expense of producing their own software.

It is also believed that advancements in nanotechnology will allow all of us to shrink our system. It is very very much conceivable the Babelfish, inside three to five years, could resemble a device very little larger than the fictional babelfish that hails from the person’s hearing. The device can be little more compared to a Bluetooth-style earplug with high-powered translational ability.

The additional potentiality is the fact within the outer end in the three-to-five-year period of time, we will see many other uses develop for the speech identification software we are near to finishing. This can represent for the company totally new lines of organization, and if we all move quickly enough we are able to gain initial mover advantages in the conversation recognition market.

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