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Resolving problems and making decisions essay

My spouse and i work for SGS College in Bristol. The school caters for 16-19 year old students and also delivers education intended for adult learners, with a a comprehensive portfolio of courses. We certainly have a very powerful sports schools and generally very good facilities throughout the college which provide expert training.

I work in the Exams staff and my role is to register, state and maintain multiple courses through different boards. I i am personally in charge of all BTEC, NVQ and OCN courses. I as well help with the running in the A-Level and GCSE tests.

This means that We register just about every student together with the relevant analyzing board and ensure that, throughout the year, any pupil who needs withdrawing or changing in anyway, is usually facilitated in this. At the end of their course, I claim for these students and ensure that they obtain their certificate and this, if they are planning to go to college or university, everything is usually arranged to allow them to achieve that.

Description of my personal Problem

The problem I am currently facing is the conviction of having to operate at least 2 online exams for a lot of BTEC college students studying at the college.

This has been made aware to us within the last 2 several weeks.

This is extensively widespread throughout the college as the majority of the 16-19 year old students in our college are studying a BTEC course. This equates to about 2000 students. These tests will be work during the majority of days of the week throughout every season so we can easily enable every single student to sit the exam. These need to be completed between your months of September to April.

The brand new task can affect the Examinations Department, Enrolments, Registry and IT. Exams will be impacting in that all of us will have to book, arrange and invigilate the exams. Registry will be necessary to find and book all of us rooms with adequate IT facilities. Enrolments will encounter an influence in their amounts of students getting into the college, as BTEC is actually a vocational training course, students can be unsettled by prospect of exams. IT will be expected to set up and maintain any software necessary for the assessments.

By preparing these examinations I was aiming to achieve the ability to manage and organize these exams so the learners can gain their diploma. This is now a dependence on the board so achieving this would be precisely what is expected. In the event there were not any action considered, the students would not complete their qualification and so not able to begin their future job or educational course. Also, the college would reduce much of their particular annual financing.

Below is actually a chart, exhibiting the influence of all college students to BTEC funding ratio.

In terms of numbers, this shows that the amount of money brought in by most students is 18m and the amount brought by BTEC learners is 5m. When considering the funding required by universities, this is a large number of money, which could possibly be missing from the college’s budget.

Likely Solutions

My spouse and i looked at a summary of my own problem, as a seafood diagram while below.

Travelling Staff Space Bookings

Teaching staff Larger workload in registry

Stress of operating extra exams Rooms may not be appropriate

Staff time Simply no guarantee of room getting available BTEC exams for students in the next academic year

Process Enrolments THIS

Based on associated with myself operating every examination, I research the feasible solutions, with all the figures with the task available. I viewed the amount of students who are studying a BTEC certification, compared to the quantity of computers available to me personally throughout the university. I attended the online Edexcel BTEC website and collected the number of college students required. I then went to the registry office and asked how various computers there are available to become booked pertaining to exams. I discovered that there are 3379 BTEC pupils compared to the info given to myself by Registry, which displays there are sixty four computers found in 4 areas, with the major room possessing 28 learners. By purchasing this information, My spouse and i am able to interpret the amount of exams I will have to work per academics year. My spouse and i created a graph and or chart showing the number of computers in comparison to the available periods throughout the year.

Using the total volume of pupils I previously discovered, I computed how a large number of students will have to be in every room all year round. I as opposed that for the possible volume of examinations sat in each area throughout the year growing the capacity by the yearly place availability.

This kind of shows me that the most effective way for me to operate these examinations would be to operate most of them ensuite 1 as the annually capacity in terms of availability can be 2688. The other most effective room would be Room 3, that has a yearly capability of 1408, but requires more periods.

Between the two most effective examination rooms, the overall possible capacity for the a few months between Sept and The spring would be 4096 individual pupil exams. This can be more than enough exams required, and also covers associated with students the need to take re-sits. Reviewing this kind of data features helped me make a decision that the best course for taking for operating these examinations would be to bear them located in those two rooms only. This would minimise the travel and leisure between sites and the prospect of having an IT mistake. The smaller volume of IT concerns would be as a result of greater emphasis on these certain rooms.

Yet considering the probability of having exterior invigilators, I needed to find the numbers which could show if this could be more effective. I possess created a chart below which will shows the exact amount of exam house necessary depending on the person power.

As expected, this demonstrates that the more people that people with the exams, the less residence are required intended for invigilation. This kind of shows that one person would have to invigilate for 121 hours when compared to only forty five housr total if propagate between a few people.


My primary option was going to arrange, invigilate and run all of the examinations myself. By doing this, I can be sure that all examinations are run properly and effectively. I really could then keep track of who has lay the exam in a real time basis which will be extremely beneficial as I can arrange re-sits immediately using their tutor.

The situation with this initial pitch would be that, this is depending on the examinations being run solely by myself. If I go through the proposed amount of work I would always be undertaking, I discover that this is a huge effort require by simply one person, even more so considering the extra work of entering the students for the exams. Based upon the availability from the rooms, the hours of the exams plus the amount of students, one individual would have to make an indecent amount of their working time to complete the future task.

After looking at this kind of first alternative, I wanted to check out another means for which I can complete these types of exams. A possibility would be to utilize extra invigilators from outside the college to enable us to complete the in a more rapidly fashion. This may enable me personally to run even more exams every day than the previously made pitch. I would have more time to complete my personal tasks I had been responsible for just before these examinations taking place.

The downside to this could be the college needing to spend additional money on employing the extra staff. After investigating whether this could be a possibility, I came across that our department under usually spends on invigilation each year which help might be a possibility. This opens up an additional solution, which will would be to use both proposals and use invigilators as much as possible, along with doing these people myself.

Brief summary of other available choices

1 . Total invigilation by outside staff and management by myself. This might be a possibility, while this would absolutely remove the concern of time pertaining to arranging and setting up the exams, departing the jogging of the exams to the invigilators. This also has the downside of more money coming from the college to cover the examinations.

2 . Proposing to change the courses intended for equivalent classes with one other board. The development of exams in to this course this an Edexcel proposal only. This means that there exists a possibility of changing the programs to another board to enable all of us to avoid needing to run examinations. This would be an incredibly large transition though.

three or more. Arranging a single large end of year exam session during a 2-week period. We’re able to implement an A-Level type end of year exam session in which all tests required are sat inside the period of 2 weeks. This would retain time into a minimal and allow students to complete schoolwork and examinations separately. There could be a problem with arranging for a big room to become set up with enough computers.


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