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Industrial training survey essay

My sincere gratitudes head to my industrial supervisor Miss Siti Norshafina Binti Jaih, Site Professional, and the additional staff about Penang Second Bridge job Mr Leong Chee Keong, Contractor Director, Mr Faizul Ikmal, Web page Engineer, Mister Chang Su Thai, Quantity Surveyor, Mr Loo Wooi Min, web page supervisor and everything the staffs, for helping me during the course of my twelve weeks of business Training for GHL Development Sdn Bhd on Penang Second Bridge Batu Kawan Expressway Task. A lot of thanks you for all of instructing and rendering helpful guidance to me.

Biggest thank has to Miss Siti NorSyafina Binti Jaih as our Industrial Director. She has been in construction field specialized connection almost three years. She is abundant in knowledge and skillfulness upon arrange operate progress, resolve problems on site, and ensure the work done is based on pulling and right methods. I love to thank her for her kindness and no less, her constances in sharing information and knowlegde with me at night, which has benefited me in expanding my own knowledge and understanding relating to this industry.

Following, I would like to provide thanks to my personal Constructon Administrator, Leong Chee Keong. He is a a decade veteran inside the construction discipline who packages with huge experiences and knowledge in this field. In the understanding of theorems to its applications and technical methods, he knows them perfectly. I have seen from him jointly who aims to continuously in in search of knowledge and improvement.

My spouse and i also like to thank my Academic Manager, Mr Masiri Bin Kaamin. During his visit to Batu Kawan’s Internet site Office (Penang Second Connection Batu Kawan Expressway Project) for accomplished the task, this individual shared his knowledge and experience in the construction discipline with me and provided valuable guidances.

Last but not least, I was grateful to any or all other employees at Job Penang Second Bridge Package deal 3b expecially GHL structure Sdn Bhd’s Staff. That they warmly made welcome me on-ship, and not hesitating in financing me assists whenever I want them. They may be instrumental within my very much delightful and fruitfulworking experience in Project Penang Second Bridge.

I wish all of them well and successful in their life and carreer, and the constant prosperity for GHL Construction Sdn Bhd.


I’ve completed a 10 weeks commercial training program for GHL Construction Sdn Bhd, started by 23rd May 2011 and ended for 29th July 2011. Throughout the internship in GHL Structure Sdn Bhd, I have been designated as assistand engineer intended for project called as Penang Second Connection Batu Kawan Expressway Deal 3B. This kind of report provides an insight with the process of this program, and summaries the working knowledge gained, understanding learnt fulfillment and feedback from myself during operating as a student in GHL Construction Sdn Bhd.


Jabatan Kerja Hito has been on a regular basis taking in industrial trainees from various colleges or schools in order to help project implementations and support daily businesses. For this time frame, there are 7 students by universities or perhaps colleges are offered to be trainee including me personally.

There are 5 students by diploma’s level and two students coming from Degree’s level. I and one of other trainee, Izyan Balqis from University Technology Malaysia will be assigned at Kompleks taman Bimbingan Kanak- Kanak Job. Besides that people also help in Project Bangunan Tambahan Jabatan A & E serta Wad Clinic Bentong, Pahang- Pakej 10, Project ¦.

During professional training, present student’s job range is mostly to observe and learn from engineer. Student need to study plan to find out more of their office. Trainee can do further research during pursuing the engineer for the site and make surveying work, levelling work and supervised activity on internet site. Trainee was always becoming asked to see them carrying out their works and do a few work with carefully. Certainly they may explain to me the processes as well as the reason they have to do so.

Student is encouraged to get humble to ask any questions from older persons. It is necessary intended for Trainee to master as much as possible during industrial schooling such as knowledge of related jobs, practical skill, communication skill, good habit, responsibility, and also other.

Besides, Professional trainee will be exposed to the construction discipline and applications and technological practices. Trainee will also understand the process movement of job implementations, right from the start stage of planning and designing, to developing and testing.

To equip the trainee with relevant understanding and skill on this, the trainee can firstly understand concept of plan reading. Student also needs to understand and learn regarding relevant skills and systems, for good examples tolerance intended for leveling pile cap, tagging cutting stack, communication expertise, consultants and also other contractor trends.

Trainee also supports daily operation. Different tasks assigned to the student are required to end up being completed in a highly effective and well-timed manner. Student not only will know about how the corporation runs in the process, but likewise forge a fantastic working attitude in the meantime.

This kind of industrial training curriculum at Jabatan Kerja Hito has been completed successful, with every aims meet in the same time.


During the period of the 10 week’s industrial training, I was staying assigned to supervised and consult a number of project including Kompleks Bimbingan Kanak-Kanak, Project Bangunan Tambahan Jabatan A & Electronic dan Wad Hospital Bentong, Pahang- Pakej 11. Primary Contractor in this package can be IJM building. There are a few subcontractor under GHL Construction Sdn Bhd.

First of all, I had to train myself to speak and talk with my supervisor, colleagues inside company, possibly workers for site. This kind of helped me to boost my interaction skill. We learned of talking nice, modest and soft with my colleagues. This kind of helped to have a good romance which will make my working lifestyle more smoothly and enjoyable. From the communication with seniors in organization, I got to more about their working your life experience. That i knew how to operate society and ways to make it through in doing work society. It also helped me in choosing my personal future path after I graduate soon.

Besides, In the commercial training, My spouse and i trained to do any things on my own. I discovered to apply the ability I received from school and university in work. I had been approached to the real life working environment.

Furthermore, I should also be project and self-employed in my work in company. Once working, I used to be given a number of tasks or assignment to do. I recently been trained to completed my work independently without any friend’s help. This made me become more motivation and capable to make my decision to do my operate. If acquired any problem not understand, I actually also need to be initiative enough to ask my personal colleague or perhaps supervisor to get guidance. After i am cost-free at work, My spouse and i also will discover something to accomplish on my own; possibly seeks to get work coming from supervisor or studying the operation manual and deal document by my own. This kind of trained me to have a good behaviors and habits when ever working in the organization.

I as well experienced the real-working your life more almost during I supervised am employed at site and have talk with service provider. I discovered the construction supervision including the method to manage period, worker, machinery very well. I actually also experienced chances to work at internet site project to get the nearly 80% of my 12 week’s commercial training. Mostly, I seen my acquaintances how they perform the checking and do joint sheet dimension with builder.

Besides, I was exposed to the progress of your project, and also the business relationship among companies. My spouse and i also understand the organization just for this project and the function and responsibilities regarding the job. I also learn a little about specialist and consumer organization and work. We gainedsome experience from the head section regarding formwork and steelwork(welding and cutting). There are a lot of knowledge We gain from their website.

Beside that, I also obtained involved carrying out leveling for each substructure and supervise the activities on site. Now, We also understand the name plus the function of some machines and device used in site well. I find out how the operator manage to applied and manage it.


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