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The twenties and thirties essay

The twenties and the thirties were very unusual routines

in American History. In

some techniques they are alike, but in most ways they may be

very different. The twenties were a time of

fun and football. This is probably

the main reason it is called the Roaring Twenties. All the thirties

were known

since The Great Depression. It was most likely called that because of the stock


collapse and the thousands of people without jobs.

In the twenties

industry required a very big step. The automotive industry was the largest


there was. The assembly line made mass production possible, as well as the industry


Henry Fords flow line, located in Detroit, Michigan, was your

largest one out of the country and

possibly on the globe. When Ford first started

making cars, the only car he made was obviously a black

Model-T. Almost everybody in

the United States had a car. Three-out-of-four families held

one or more

vehicles. With the manufacturing plant they produced a lot more cars in one working day than they


just before. Instead of paying for the cars with cash, persons could use

credit to acquire items.

Since most families didnt have the money, they will

would purchase the car with credit and pay off the

financial debt later.

The thirties was

a bad moment for the automotive industry. By now Honda had made a

Model-A and

acquired three fresh colors: suntan, purple and black. All of the companies had been making


cars than they can sell. No one had enough money to buy a car due to

all of the

banks going under. Thousands of people lost whole fortunes. As

no one had the money for a car

just were not for sale. This caused

a big difficulty. The traders were extremely optimistic. They

continued to create cars

hoping that revenue would go up.

The new credit rating law was a wonderful thought.

That allowed individuals to purchase things like a

tv or radio. The invention

of the radio usa the nation. Good news that was heard for the

radio was

heard simply by everyone that had a car radio. It was the very best form of entertainment

of the time.

Soon thereafter, the television was invented. Once more people

required advantage of the credit and

purchased television sets. The television even now

did not take place of the radio. The radio would still be used

from attending to

music. Many individuals were spending more money than that they had.

Even inside the thirties

the radio and tv set were top forms of entertainment. Although


people would not have these types of accessories, that they could even now go the movies if they

had the amount of money.

Inside the thirties, everybody watched a lot of tv and

listened to the radio. In contrast to the

twenties, the 30s were extremely

depressing. Evidentially, it reflected its name.

Inside the twenties, people

had parties all of the time. Everyone in America was keeping


busy. Hunting and camping were quite popular, but there are also a great many other


incidents to do. Films and horses races had been the best forms of entertainment

for a few.

This was all improved in the thirties.

During the thirties, the

parties and the outdoors events became less and less prevalent.

Equine races and

movies had been still extremely popular in spite each of the depressing moments. Baseball


football started to be drastically well-liked and attracted large crowds. Babe

Ruth was a great baseball


In this, it seems that the disappointing

thirties as well as the Roaring Twenties are very diverse.

Nevertheless they have a lot of

similarities it can be still hard to evaluate the Great Depression and the


Twenties. These types of time periods are extremely important. We can learn from the mistakes


then to promise a normal future.

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