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Criminal offenses

Question a few: People dedicated crime as a result of many reasons. From your own point of view, give three (3) reasons why people commit criminal offenses? A crime can be an against the law action or perhaps activity for which a person can always be punished legally. Some people establish crime as an take action of offence towards the values of humans.

Others may regard offense as a great act that harms the universal man rights. Therefore , why do people even now commit criminal activity? There are many explanations why people dedicate crimes. A lot of crimes had been committed due to hunger, want money, hate and anger. Meanwhile, the example of criminal offenses is conned, kidnap, theft, steal and also other.

The most significant crime is killing another person although their very own beloved much more their family. Crime is not known regarding the love and sympathy towards victim. The first cause is people commit criminal activity because of their craving for food. They take the food by stall and in addition from marketplace to fulfill all their stomach. It is because they don’t have enough funds to buy this. And also the cost of food is pricey. For example , the price for one bit of chicken can be RM2. 60. The price got burden for several people. Therefore , they invest in do criminal activity as their stomach full and not hunger once again.

Usually, an unhealthy parents take the food for children to generate them muted crying via hunger. Begin the next point, the various other reason why people commit offences because of the funds. All people require money to get survive their life. Currently, people just only observe who simply had funds and they will disregard about those that below privileged. Otherwise, people need cash because they would like to pay the debt. Also they require in quickly time and don’t know where to get that. So , they will rob with the bank plus the luxurious residence. Sometimes, it’s rather a serious crime when they kill the owner of a residence or the employee at the lender.

They do not love the sufferer as they get the money. Additionally, the medicines addict that kill all their blood family members for purchase drug. Lastly, people devote crimes because of their anger and hatred. It also can be called because their selfish explanation. This happen when the one person doing some thing out of control to other person. For example , the current issues by school like bullying. Therefore , the intimidation victim can revenge to the person that got bullying him/her. This may produce serious criminal offense like getting rid of someone or beat their very own organ until paralyzed for the remainder of life.

Like a conclusion, persons commit criminal offenses because of their self. They need to control their emotion and know very well what they do is a wrong way and not best for their lastest. In addition , it gives bad influence and the crimes cannot be restricted again. Therefore , the government need to play their utmost role to give the punishment for the criminal like a death fees for the drugs abuser and critical crimes. Exactly why people dedicate crime due to their hunger, require money, anger and hatred can be solve if every of people provide the best commitment and not to selfish. (505 words)

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