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Servicescape is defined as, “the environment when the service is delivered and where the organization and the customer interact. ” (Baker and Cameron 1996) It includes several factors related to the delivery of service which includes all the physical, behavioral, and emotional aspects that encircle services delivery. However , with each type of service, numerous factors should be considered in order to gauge the caliber of the servicescape in the delivery of the stated service.

For instance, the delivery of services of the Frazier Museum and the Louisville Public Library are specific in several techniques. Although both equally companies deliver educational and informational providers to the marketplace, they have various ways of providing the said services with their clients.

The Frazier Museum allows the visitors to require a peek in to American Record. It allows its people to understand and value better the various situations that have molded the country about what it is today. The art gallery delivers this sort of service through different ways. For starters, there are exhibition halls exactly where important and valuable artifacts are on screen. Also, the museum provides its patrons with various meaning exhibitions of various historical situations. Advance audio-visual equipment are a vital aspect in the delivery of the museum’s services for this makes the experience more interactive.

On the other hand, the Louisville Free Public Catalogue employs classic methods to deliver the information needs of it is clients. The library is well-equipped with the necessary tools in order to provide it is clients with the information that they seek. Several collections of books will be the primary options for information which the library offers but these will be supplemented with various audio-visual products. Furthermore, the library classifies its sections depending on the customer.

This means that there exists a children’s section which consists of materials devoted solely to children. Also, the catalogue provides different tools to make certain their impaired and impaired patrons even now get to enjoy the library’s providers. Although the collection provides a finish range of services, it does not have in ways with which they can entice more users and guests.

This is where the Frazier Art gallery has the benefits. The art gallery constantly tries ways of enhancing its servicescape so as to entice more tourists. Also, it constantly within order to make the experience of browsing museum more fun and successful each and every time.

The Frazier Art gallery has the edge over the Louisville Public Library when one considers the servicescape of each. The museum has the ability to give its tourists the experience that they want when the visit. In addition, the museum is able to incite the patriot within every visitor and make him realize once again the outstanding history of the particular nation where he belongs to.

As mentioned before, the psychological factor is known as a vital component in servicescape.  Furthermore, because the museum’s main target market consists of tourists and students, specifically kids, with the ability to ensure that the feeling is pleasurable through various interactive equipment. In other words, environmental surroundings in delivering the services of the museum is usually inline using its target market simply by addressing the needs from the said industry. Finally, the dynamic environment of the museum ensures that it is able to readjust alone depending on the changing needs of its target market.


Baker, J. and Cameron, M. (1996), “The Effects of the Service Environment on Have an effect on and Consumer Perception of Waiting Period: An Integrative Review and Research S�lections, ” Journal of the School of Marketing Scientific research, Vol. 24, Number 5

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