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Ela the loss of life of marilyn monroe research

Who also wrote this kind of poem?

Sharon Olds

When was this poem written?


Who was Marilyn Monroe married to?

Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller

Who was Marilyn Monroe?

A 1950s film sex sign

Whom did Marilyn Monroe apparently have affairs with?

Ruben and Bobby Kennedy

When do Marilyn Monroe die?


Just how did Marilyn Monroe perish?

An overdose of sleeping pills

How old was Marilyn Monroe when she passed away?


What does this poem develop?

A anxiety between her fame plus the effects of the rest of us who encountered her shortly after her loss of life

What is this poem?

A brief relaxation on fatality, sexuality, and celebrity

What is the sole part of this poem that identifies Marilyn Monroe?


What does the poem genuinely concentrate on?

The “ambulance men who carried her cadaver

What really does the first stanza describe?:

“The secours men handled her cool

body, lifted it, heavy while iron

onto the stretcher, tried to close

the mouth, sealed the eyes, tied the

hands to the side, relocated a found

strand of hair, as if it mattered

saw the shape of her breasts, squashed by

gravity, under the sheet

carried her, as if it were the girl

over the steps. 

The physical interaction between ambulance gentleman and Monroe’s body

What do lines 3-5 suggest?:

“onto the traction, tried to close

your mouth, closed the eyes, tied the

arms aside, moved a caught

Her dead body is being manipulated

What does range 7 indicate?:

“saw the shape of her breasts, flattened by

Mortality has brought her sensible

How much does line being unfaithful mean?:

“carried her, as if that were the girl, 

In death, the lady can no longer feel; she is will no longer associated with her famous term

Exactly what does line 14 mean?:

“These males were under no circumstances the same.


The focus from the poem is “those men

Why is the word “impotence used in range 17? What does this advise?

The view of Marilyn’s dead body unmaned one of the guys; it advise the larger theme of how libido is designed by ethnic myths

What does the duplication of “woman and “breathing call awareness of in lines 23-26?:

“in the threshold to a room of sleeping, listening to a

girl breathing, an ordinary


breathing. 

The issues of gender and mortality

What do lines 23-26 also symbolize?:

“in the doorway into a room of sleep, hearing a

woman breathing, just an common


inhaling and exhaling. 

The man’s partner is inhaling an ordinary approach unlike bodily Monroe that is not ordinary; in death, Marilyn is removed of her glamour


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