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Childhood affected poems essay

This makes you automatically evaluate what the composition will be just like. In Duffys poem the lady uses stabreim to describe nicer things,  sweet shop When heard this you are feeling happier and think of nicer things.  In Heaneys composition he identifies things that arent a real nice picture,  jampotfuls and jellied These dont sound because nice or give you since nice of an image because sweet shop does.  In the third stanza of Duffys poem it makes you experience sort of relieved,  freed and followed.

This kind of reminds you more of being a child. The word freed makes u feel a lot less captured and experience more comfortable.  In stanza 2 of Heaneys poem this individual uses,  coarse croaking.  This seems even more threatening as it provides you the picture of being surrounded by frogs. Both these poems point out croaking in them.  At the end of Duffys poem it starts to get more bad,  tasted and tangible.  The word tangible makes you seems uncomfortable. The final piece of stabreim is,  sky and break up.

This might not be a positive thought therefore both equally poems end negatively.  Both poems use a range of similes. In Duffys poem she uses a simile in a more great way,  The classroom glowed like a fairly sweet shop.  This is a great colourful photo, also along with being a simile this offer also has alliteration which has worked well. However in Heaneys poem the usage of simile in negative,  their loose necks pulsed like sails.  This isnt a pleasant image which is more a threatening believed. It makes us figure out more clearly the thoughts of each copy writer and how their childhood afflicted their poems. Another simile used in Heaneys poem is simply as negative, ready like off-road grenades.

This makes it sound more dangerous because grenades will be life threatening. There is also a negative simile used in Duffys poem,  Brady and Hindley faded, such as the faint, apprehensive smudge of mistake.  This quote starts to even out the negativeness utilized in the poems. Although there are usually more similes used in Heaneys composition,  frogspawn that grew just like clotted normal water.  The expression clotted makes it sound even more dangerous.  Heaney also uses metaphor in his poem, once again in a more adverse way,  Daily it sweltered in the punishing sun.

This will make you think of pain and sort of experience sympathy pertaining to the person because its like hes getting punished. Duffys poem uses metaphor in a negative way at the end of her poem,  The atmosphere tasted of electricity In a way this sort of reminds me of discomfort as well, like an electric surprise. Heaney makes you feel uneasy,  The air was thick This is more a feeling of being claustrophobic which is extremely intimidating and makes you feel somewhat sick. He also says angry frogs which makes you really feel worried since the frogs could harm at any minute. Heaney uses metaphor through his poem and Duffy only uses it at the conclusion of her poem.

I found the personification in every poem really interesting, especially in Duffys poem,  The laugh of your bell.  I found this an amazing way to describe a thing and it makes myself feel packed with joy. Astonishingly I found that at the start of Heaneys poem he uses some great personification,  heart of the townland This sounds happy and makes it out to be a nice place therefore you dont really expect all of those other poem to sound therefore negative.  I found the personification in Duffys composition better mainly because it used even more throughout her poem,  A xylophones nonsense heard from an additional form.  This reminds me a whole lot of my childhood especially the approach she stated nonsense.

I came across one part of personification shocking coming from a kid but it shows she is getting older,  Heavy alluring sky.  I wouldnt expect a youthful person to use the term sexy to describe something.  Neither poems rhymed which I found disappointing. I think they might be more pleasurable to read if perhaps there was beat. In Duffys poem exactly where she used the word chanted I think the lady could have caused it to be better by looking into making the countries rhyme.  Heaneys poem has used Onomatopoeia in a funny yet disturbing way,  The slap and plop.

Duffy uses onomatopoeia in a completely different approach which makes you are feeling calm and relaxed,  Mrs Tilcher chanted the landscape.  There is simply not any repetition of words in either of the poetry which I think makes them significantly less threatening.  After reading the two poems I could feel empathy for equally poets. In Heaneys composition it made me remember after i went out and gathered frogspawn, yet I hardly ever found it scary or perhaps threatening just like his composition makes it sound. Therefore I would choose Duffys poem. In her poem everything said in it happened to my opinion during my the child years in school. Examining Duffys composition made me think back to myself sitting in category in a gaily coloured class. Although I used to be disappointed that this didnt vocally mimic eachother at all as it would have helped me enjoy it more.

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