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Toyota Prius

In the case research, Toyota Prius customers desired to achieve different varieties of goals, which the Prius could meet, hence helping it is customers achieve these specific goals. Prius customers have got a mix of immediate and long-term purchase goals, in addition to personal-material and professional desired goals (Hawkins and Motherbaugh, 2010, p. 448).

Prius satisfies its customers’ long-term, which is to have a fuel successful car, a concern that is mostly economic and secondarily environmental in consideration. Efficiency was your key to Prius’ success in the automobile industry: it is the most efficient car version that it eclipsed the overall performance of their major competition, Honda and Ford. Additionally to long lasting goals of getting an environmentally-friendly, energy efficient car, the Prius also responds to customers’ immediate specialist goals to possess a car that is environmentally-friendly and fuel successful, yet technology-savvy enough to demonstrate that the obtain is a “smart” choice rather than just exclusively economical or perhaps creating the image of being an environment friendly car owner. Hence, from the professional (technical) element of the product, the Prius interests the need of consumers to be technically knowledgeable about the merchandise they are obtaining, from the environmental to the technological aspects of the Prius.

A lot more than anything, nevertheless , Prius consumers wanted to think personal satisfaction by purchasing a great environmentally friendly hybrid car. The purchase of a hybrid car demonstrates that Prius consumers are privately contributing to a worldwide call to work with more efficient and environmentally eco friendly products. Hence, by purchasing a Toyota Prius, there is personal gratification realizing that the order would mean the customer has been careful enough to think about the environment and actually “investing” with this cause throughout the Prius order.

Question 2 . Considering each of the functional great things about owning a Toyota Prius, the most popular car style has 4 (4) major target teams it could cater to. These focus on consumer groupings are: (1) practical purchasers, (2) scientifically savvy, (3) environmentally conscious, and (4) small professionals / yuppies. Sensible buyers are those who might buy the Prius for its technical features, including its ergonomic desk design and economical energy consumption. This group involves all demographics – they could be parents or young professionals looking for a great buy on a cross types car. Scientifically savvy clients, meanwhile, will be most attracted to the Prius’ technological features. It was pointed out in the case that there were clients who utilized Prius’ car technology, hacked it, and converted that to enable them to watch television or play video games. Additional, the Prius’ car technology includes a power monitoring program that provides control in the car’s air conditioning, audio tracks, and satellite television navigation systems. The young specialists would end up being a specific group that Toyota Prius could target and market to because of unique promotional programs that companies are offering to its staff. Because of these firm programs promoting the use of eco sustainable cross types cars, Prius has benefited and continues to take advantage of sales received from young professionals of these corporations. Lastly, the environmentally conscious group would be even more drawn to the Prius’ primary characteristic as a hybrid car. They could be a mix of the three previously mentioned target teams, as the main reason why hybrid automobiles are becoming popular nowadays is due to the unexpected demand and strong proposal for an environmentally lasting car model, and cross types cars including Prius responds to this need and aim.

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