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During the 3rd semester, the tourism managing students of IUBH Campus Research need to complete the “Development of an electronic marketplace pertaining to travel companies services” spiel. Together with the organization skills discovered in IUBH, we put into action the theory used. The goal of this kind of lecture is usually to develop a internet site and write a realistic business plan and to the actual research regarding planning and writing a small business plan.

This entire business plan gives the effects of “Komodonesia” travel agency. First, It will be concerned about executive summary, followed by business idea and product as well as service profile. Then we all will discuss about industry and competition which gives the potential business opportunity of Komodonesia. The result of industry analysis, competition analysis, and target group analysis will be explained in detail in this part.

Followed by Marketing and Product sales (Distribution) approach plan, the organisation of this company will probably be discussed to supply the insights of Komodonesia.

The project program and fund plan will be shown ultimately of this strategy to give the audience the information about how exactly this business plan is going to be executed in such a reasonable way.

Executive Summary

The following business plan explains the set-up business in electronic digital marketplace. While we make a website that focuses on educational tour of Komodo in Pulau Komodo (Komodo Island) and around with the actions for customers that can’t be overlooked.

Firm philosophy and company identification will be mentioned in detail. The headquarter operating out of Komodo Tropical isle itself. Exactly where all of the industry�s departments will probably be taking place. Komodo Island is located in Nusa Tenggara Timur province in Dalam negri.

The products include a few educational tour activities about the region guided by neighborhood tour guide who also speak fluently Indonesian and English. We have analysed the potential target group as well as suppliers and competitors on the market.

Offline and online marketing will be used regarding the technique of our promoting plan. For online marketing, we all will concentrate on social media. As a further matter, newspaper and will be taken into consideration as offline advertising. Moreover the sales syndication and firm will be discussed.

Business Thought

We are an online environmental friendly tour operator company specializing in educational and nature preservation especially to protect Komodo and wildlife in Komodo Island.

Our operation commence this year and supply packages and tours. A variety of different activities although in tropical isle also rendering accommodation exists.

All of us will offer the customers a way to influence the field of travel employing to travel green with us. There exists an increasing craze in attending to the environment as well as the need to protect it. Seeing that adventure holidaymakers demand unspoiled nature for their travel spots and support environmental friendly way of traveling, adventure travel around promotes this kind of cause. Traveling with us, each of our customers get to vote for responsible and environmental sustainable travel.

We all will also dedicate a part of the operating salary to great causes helping the improvement of environment and sustainable creation in the komodo national park area.

For our logo, Komodonesia decided to work with bright yellowish and blue. Both colours represents area of the seashores that are around all of the amazing Indonesian’s islands especially Komodo island. These kinds of colors happen to be attractive, and for that reason will stay within our customer’s minds.

Being a form of legal entity, Komodonesia as Perseroan Terbatas (PT) is a limited liability the liability.

Power: Educational + eco travel which we provided contains a unique point from customers view. Buyers don’t simply come and visit the region, but also learn how to protect the rregion and still manage to enjoy the splendor of character.

Weakness: Fiscally unstable, limited human resources

Opportunity: Komodo island seriously make the owner of this company sure regarding the business. Could be island and other small destinations surrounding are incredibly excited to be explored.

Threat: A whole lot of big travel and leisure companies could be threatening. Likewise people continue to need to adjust how the technology works, it could be time consuming.

Services and products

According to our customers’ specifications, the site will be segmented by different sports, lodging, and travel around packages. To make certain that the customer experience close to us, we will also provide travel and leisure consultation on the website like a chatbot.

We plan to hire the guides by our professional tutorials for small groups. Tiny groups are necessary in order to have a better quality of experience and guidance. The tours will be organized bearing in mind the environmental nature of the business, therefore with the least impact on the environment. The function of travel and holiday accommodation during the excursions will be because close to character as possible, needing only standard equipment. Ordering necessary products to provide a small group at this stage is vital. Our professional guides will be locals, and will emphasize and instruct the basic drinking water sport abilities as well as educate the vacationers about the komodo dragons. Third-party companies will be used simply in some areas, when unique transportation, and accommodation are needed, that cannot be provided by us.

The excursions with our specialist guides could be the core of the activities. To spice up the trip, we will offer fascinating trip and activities through partnering with assorted water sport service providers.

Every trip will have a mission that will improve the state of character and/or their residents, be it tree seeding, coast washing, helping with building real estate, cleaning normal water, etc .

We is going to aim to set up our itineraries in this sort of countries in which government procedures sup- port natural, history and social resources. Through their visiting and bills, adventure vacationers will support the country’s on-going lasting development strategies.

Excursion travellers frequently seek out in order to volunteer in the destinations that they visit. By partnering with non-governmental agencies (NGO) all of us will help organization companions by offering our customers possibility to contribute to relevant causes. These kinds of volunteering options will help our customers to create a difference in the world.

We all will donate 5% of the income to a good cause thus enabling our buyers to take part in nature conservation.

We are also about to provide tours to disabled travellers since we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the miracles of nature.

We all will offer a consultancy upon environmental issues and help all of them make a difference in the world. Komodonesia can take part in improving householder’s lives in several locations and contribute for the sustainable expansion in.

We is only going to offer educational tour actions experiences upon location. Travel and leisure expenses to and from location.

Market and Competition

Industry Evaluation

Most of Indonesians nonetheless don’t consider to pay out credit card on-line, therefore the company mostly work with Bank transfer as the payment

Therefore Komodonesia decide to spend advertising in paper as off-line marketing.

Rival Analysis

The competition in the tourism industry in Philippines is serious. There are many well established companies that contain large industry shares, in fact it is very hard achievable businesses to enter. Travel industry, however , has its own niches and sub classes that cater for different buyers. Educational travel around and ecotourism are some of all those sub categories.

Competitors could be companies just like:

  • Traveloka
  • Pegipegi
  • Expedia. company. id
  • Nusatrip
  • Tiket. com
  • Ezytravel. co. id
  • Taman Safari Philippines
  • Target Group Evaluation

    Our consumer profile is,

  • Age group: 25-40 years of age, male and feminine
  • Financially stable
  • Couple
  • Educated, open minded, adventure oriented, using a sense of responsibility to safeguard the nature.

Yet , the target group focus not simply for people but likewise singles. It can be for them, whoms willing to dedicate their vacation for extraordinary adventurous experience and want to take pleasure in the natural beauty but still manage to safeguard the surroundings.

Marketing Sales

The elevating development of technology, information and communication has turned the number of Internet users that are as well increasingly excessive all over the world annually, including the Indonesia. In addition to Facebook, Tweets, YouTube, Course, Line, BBM, and WhatsApp which end up being the most preferred social medias of Indonesians, one of the social media that is right now growing rapidly is Facebook and Instagram.

Online marketing is the key to get Komodonesia in promoting its providers. It is more affordable than mainstream media marketing, such as TV SET, magazines, and various travelling publications, device majority of tourists doing all their research on the internet and using social websites, targeted advertisings on Facebook and SEO (search engine optimization) will be preferable methods.

Blogging is also crucial tool to boost awareness of the services. Also, there’s nothing greater than a positive word-of-mouth from content customers informing their close friends and sectors about their good experience with the services.

Above may be the bar graph of “most popular social media of cellular users in Indonesia since January 2016, by grow older group”. As we can see, persons in the age of 30-35 years old preferred Facebook with the percentage around 90% of mobile internet users. In the meantime, people outdated 16-25 chose Instagram as their favorite social media platform.

We discuss the information contain profile, deals offered, activities, restaurant and kitchen, culinary, guest browsing, events kept, photo photo gallery, alternative paths to the site, contact addresses, statistics, visitors’ comments, and polling, while the educational travel object generally shares medical information from observation and researches, confirmation of bogus information, situations schedule, and visitation requirements. The information on social media should be presented creatively in order to gain focus and respond from the fans. Our admins interact actively with the enthusiasts by responding to the followers’ comments quickly and plainly.

We will also acquire other travel associated corporations, accommodation companies, and you are not selected organisation. After the initial stage of start up, advertising in newspaper and social media influencer should be taken into account. Through the influencers, we believe is it doesn’t fastest approach to gain even more customers.


The management team will have a couple of owners or managers which may have business research as a background. They are both include passion for sustainable travel and leisure and willing to succeed in the same objective. The aim is to teach customers about Komodo and another animals in Komodo National Recreation area area in Komodo Isle. This can influence all of our staff to have the consciousness to ecotourism.

The Organisation includes a low hierarchy. We want every single employee to feel that these were needed, in order to grow their skills and keenness in the selected area. We also want to come with an open interaction between personnel. Transparency with the company is a must and of course this could motivate the employees to generate new ground breaking ideas that could compete with different competitors.

One IT-Specialist will be necessary. She / He provides a qualification of Information Technology.

The customer services will be taking care of customer needs. They will be attending to telephones, email-based, and responding customers in social media.

Project Plan

The initial operation will certainly commence that kicks off in august 2018.

Financial Plan

The recommended of this firm will approximately need $3500 or Rp. 50. 500. 000 intended for the capital. The main bills will be the touring equipment, costs for setting up website, and salaries.

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