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Supermarket and large essay

This newspaper is to examination the Giant Supermarket in Malaysia, focusing on all their IT Placement and upcoming strategy that Giant can easily implement. From this paper your research will be done on the SWOT of Giant and Porte’s Five Version to identify their industry competition. Identifying the IT situation that Huge Hypermarket current implementing, determining the problem this create and recommend a solutions for the problems.

1 ) 0 Launch and Goal

installment payments on your 1 Summary of Giant Supermarket

Giant Hypermart is one of the most significant Hypermarket in Malaysia.

News Giant has recently step to its sixty-eight year of its operational years. It had been founded in 1944 by Teng Relatives originating in Kuala Lumpur. That based of operation is found at Shah Alam Selangor. Giant Supermarket store may be located in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and UAE. The two significant contributors for the success of Giant is usually its creator ‘Teng Family’ and Dairy Farm Huge Retail CEO John Coyle. Giant primary operation actions are in the retail sector.

Its retail store is widely distributed via western Malaysia to east Malaysia and other expansion including in Brunei.

Huge main quest was constantly to provide and offer variety of merchandise and merchandise at the lowest competitive selling price. This is to fit with their Motto which says “Everyday Low Prices, Big Selection and Great Value. The first Huge Hypermarket superstore was opened in Shah Alam, Selangor in 1999. Until now it includes already build its own empire or retail store by having about 100 supermarket, Supermarket and store. Over the years Huge made a rise to their neighboring nation such as Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

2 . 0 SWOT

The SWOT examination of Big Hypermarket

SWOT analysis can be described as useful tool to measure and understand the current strength and weakness with the organization. This really is to ensure the organization ability to support its success in the competing marketplace. Below is a SWOT Examination that Large Should Consider:

2 . 1 Strength

installment payments on your 1 . 1Marketing Campaign

Big are now well known by the public. This is due to the hard work done by marketing team. The team is accountable to market and promotes Large Brand towards the public. The medium utilized by them are advertising and marketing through newspapers, distributing flyer, catalogue, and brochures and using billboard/signboard. From their advertising they’re able to attract low and middle salary earner. Picture 1Picture two

2 . 1 . 2 Great Relation using its Supplier and Consumer

Huge Hypermarket capability to maintain good relation having its supplier has become their talent. This will avoid them from at any time encountering insufficient stock down the road. By having a great relation using their supplier Huge at time are allow for discount or free of charge good if they order in bulk. Big Hypermarket as well support Malaysian local products. Giant happen to be active in Campaign such as ‘Buy Malaysian-made Campaign ‘and the Taste of Malaysia Campaign and “Product Malaysia, Citarsasa Kita’. This kind of campaign will help SME developer to reach An incredible number of Giant buyer throughout the country. This in a way helps to Promote Giant Image to additional Supplier and may always have option of supplier to pick from.

2 . 1 ) 3 Number of Product, Services and Individual Brand

Huge provide various product by household item, electric items, sporting equipment and many other. These items are sold at low cost and at period are below market price reason for this is that they can wanted these to purchase various other item by entering the Giant store. Giant Hypermarket has its own Model of Goods to be sold. These kinds of goods happen to be produced by Giant itself rather that obtaining it from other Supplier.

Photo 3

2 . 1 . 5 Big Merchant

Due to its long establishment, Giant is already an important player inside the retail industry business. Presently Giant has more than 100 branches and Store located throughout the 18 states with the country and also other country. For that reason, they enhance their market share and overcome their very own competitor slowly and gradually. The Advantage Huge had over TESCO, MÉTISSAGE and JUSCO is that they are situated not only in Major cities but also in suburban region. The Picture some below implies that Giant features 24% of market share in the market.

Picture some

Photo 5

2 . a couple of Weakness

2 . 2 . one particular High Labour Turnover

It can one of the main challenges Giant can be encountering at this point. Many of their very own employee’s quits only after working for some month. This leads to high turnover rate pertaining to Giant. This will create difficulty for them particularly when they need to find new staff. This normally occurs in the operation office. Another issue it can make is vacant Cashier seat. Thus generate more challenges such as much longer queue’s due to few people operating it the cashier division.

2 . 2 . 2 Plus size and High Advertising Price

Another difficulty creates simply by its large it excessive advertising price. They need to continually come up with new marketing strategy and actively enhance their Brand in order to overcome its competitor. Some of the Marketing and advertising might not be important and unrelated to some region.

2 . 2 . 3 Ecommerce

This is the location where large are still missing compared to the competitor. Price tag chain just like JUSCO and TESCO has recently introduced ecommerce into their services. Customer are able to view and purchase item all their interested in from JUSCO. Presently JUSCO start with item such as Beauty care arranged, Babies corner and Fragrances. TESCO can be viewed as the most powerful retain string using the to shop online in its industry.

Picture 6


2 . 3. 1 Explore New Position

Giant have got opportunities to use its effect broader than it actually have. They need to seek out other strategic area to do their business.

2 . three or more. 2 Increasing The Simply no of Good as well as its own Residence Brand

Like Carrefour and Tesco they are really well-known because of their home brand comparing to Giant. Big should see this being a challenge and generate development in this area.

installment payments on your 3. three or more Venturing To E-commerce Business

This will be area which giant are really lacking in, therefore there’s an opportunities for Giant to grow here, Giant can learn from additional Competitor such as from SAINSBURY and JUSCO which have previously implement Online-shopping into their store.


2 . 4. one particular Competition

Large are not the sole Hypermarket that are available in Malaysia. There are others established price tag chain in Malaysia such as TESCO, JUSCO, MYDIN, PARKSON, E-mart and others. Some are internationally established like JUSCO and TESCO. MYDIN is already a establish full chain Hypermarket in West Malaysia. They have the same concept which Large offering Reasonable and Inexpensive Price’ towards the consumer. While shown in Figure you TESCO is definitely controlling the business by thirty percent, JUSCO 22% and Carrefour 15%. There are possibility of Large Customer may migrate to these other Hypermarket in the future.

installment payments on your 4. two Home Brand

The Customer nonetheless prefers additional home manufacturer compare to Big own home manufacturer. This is probably because of its quality and image. The main reason of it might be because Its Brand are definitely more internationally understand and have more expensive comparing to Giant Existing Brand name. Company from Carrefour, Tesco and Jusco are very well received by people of Malaysia.


3. 1Substitute products:

While the full industry offers products of daily prevalent use, you will find no direct substitutes; the sole substitute goods that can be danger are the goods from grey market, which could harm the sales of branded products. The most common alternatives for Large Malaysia would be the mini industry stores and convenient shops which are propagate throughout the region. Examples include Seven11, KK and 168 retailers among various others. Many of these small retailers operate round the clock and 7 days week. Nonetheless, their rates are a tad higher than Giant’s and Large has a lot of offers plus more choice for the consumer. Realization: Threat of substitutes is low

three or more. 1Suppliers:

Due to diverse product range that is written by retailers there are many different suppliers. Suppliers include both domestic and international suppliers and as these products are more or less standardised in character, retailers and wholesalers possess low turning costs. Big Malaysia includes a lot of suppliers to choose from and the suppliers contend for better prices to supply Giant. Bottom line: The power of suppliers is modest to low.

3. 3Competition between the opponent companies

The earth retail sector is highly competitive and in recent years major purchases had occurred. The top merchants in Malaysia include PETROL STATION, Jusco and Carrefour, which can be the eighth largest global chain (1998 Sales: US$ 28. 3 billion, Number of stores: some, 921, with presence in Argentina, Brazil, China, Republic of colombia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Belgium, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey). These types of competitors offer low prices and are strategically located throughout Malaysia which makes the competition very stiff. Huge has to match massive promotional initiatives and try to wide open more stores across the region. Conclusion: Rivalry is substantial

3. 4Buyers:

The consumers are now improved and older. As said by Mélange, they want it now and so they want it together with the best assistance and the greatest quality. Customers enjoy elevating choice of products and increased price competition, and they demand better and larger choices. In addition they exert pressure on suppliers and merchants to give even more relevant item information Conclusion: The bargaining power of purchasers is moderate to high as the consumers have an overabundance choices of selling supermarkets.

three or more. 5Threat of recent entrants:

A global market has become experiencing significant growth in retail industry in recent years. Solid economy, secure government, favorable government guidelines for international investment and well-developed system and with introduction of the common money and same international regulations, makes Malaysia a very attractive place to maintain. The entry and exit levels will be high due to stiff completion in the industry, several companies perform close shop. Conclusion: Threat of new entry is moderate to high.

4. zero IT Situation of Huge

Allow me to share the few IT or any system that are being used by Large 4. 1T Position you and Trouble 1: Space pricing system

These are charges systems that are to be traditionally used by most hypermarkets in Malaysia. For Huge, they would normally tag the values of the product on the shelves that happen to be near to the merchandise itself. The situation with this system is that at some point the price is unclear, shed and value are getting mixed with different item. This kind of matter in not seen as a seen severe by the managing or worker since novice repeating alone. This create problem for the customer when making the payment. Sad customer would encounter experience such as paying more than the particular price at shelf is definitely displaying and may have to wait awhile, to get real price. This kind of increases consumer dissatisfaction and unhappy customer. Complains were made in concerning this situation.

Photo 7

5. 2 This position two and Issue 2: RFID Technology

RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) is a computerized identification technique RFID tags are used to retail store and remotely retrieve information. The RFID tag posseses an antenna which in turn responds towards the transponder (reader) and sends the information. The data in the marking can be read many times. In some tag types the information in the tag can even be rewritten. The key division of RFID tags is definitely between lively and unaggressive tags

¢RFID tags function using distinct frequencies

¢Low rate of recurrence tags (30-300 kHz)

¢High consistency tags (3-30MHz)

¢Ultra-high frequency (300MHz-1GHz)

Most likely the ideal tag type for IKEA would be unaggressive HF tags (13. 56MHz)

The problem this create is the fact GIANT firm deals with a whole lot of customers day-to-day and thus a lot of transaction just going on one day. The application of their info system is likewise complex because the machine are of up to time technology therefore it requires THAT personnel and also training just before one can totally know how to work the machine. This could sometimes push the company to wait until personnel with appropriate skills to come however the job chance exists. As a result brings postpone to the procedure of the organization thus the business might undertake setbacks that may affect all their business negatively.

5. 0Future strategy

5. you Solution you: Digital Selling price or Electric Shelf Labels

Giant should certainly implement Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL). It is just a system where small electric unit with display screen are accustomed to replace the old traditional way of manual crafted or published price. The device concept through having a storage space which will be found in the Hypermarket back office which will contact each of the packaging and with the supermarket Electronic Stage of deal price information database that used by your local store checkout. Rates displayed on the shelf can be updated slightly therefore there isn’t any need for staff to physically change and check rates. Because the Electronic shelf marking is connected wirelessly while using store’s checkout prices databases, the prices the client are incurred at the peruse will be the same as the price which might be displaced on the shelves.

This is certainly a ways in which Giant may try improve their attractive factor and attract backside those disappointed customers by implementing this technology. The different with Electronic shelf labeling is that really not imprinted, not a sticker, not branded on paper such as the any other typical price tag. Giant won’t need any more paper to do their pricing. The product price can be installed to the product rack. If they wish to make virtually any changes boost the price. This is done by using the system that linked all of them altogether. A good thing about the digital cost is that it won’t only screen the price although also the detail with the item.

Photo 8

5. 1 . 1 Advantage of Implementing

5. 1 . 1 . 1 Ongoing Label and/Printing Cost

Should Huge implement this method, They will be able to eliminate the require of by hand modifying the paper label in the shelves since at this point it can be done quickly from an area that are handling the system. This may save the cost of label producing and paperwork.

5. 1 ) 1 . a couple of Increasing Income and Provide low cost rate intended for Customer

Since Shelf labeled can be upgrade remotely and quickly this means that prices are adjustable in order to suits a certain scenario. Here are the quantity of product-decision structured price alterations that Giant can use: 1 ) Promotional Rates at merchandise launch to improve sales

installment payments on your Promotional Prices at other times to tie using a particular event such as Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. 3. Decrease Prices to clear stock associated with an end of line merchandise

This almost all can be done in the event that Giant should be to implement the Electronic Racks Labeling. Through the system area the person in control will be able to update the price consequently to the situation Giant is within. For Huge it will be capable of boost all their sale and for the customer they are able to obtain clear info for any advertising price mainly because it will be revise in a proper manner. This in a techniques will also get rid of any consumer dissatisfaction that have different price from the shelf and the value when they are spending in the counter-top since the value will be easily synchronize by the system. Price from Electronic digital Shelf Labeling will be the identical to price inside the electronic stage of sale.

5. a couple of Solution 2

Giant has to be willing to spend money on IT professionnals who can efficiently operate as well as the information systems and who have are also able to update the devices as time passes simply by. In the long run this method will be cheaper as the expert will easily train other employees how to perform the features on the job. Big needs to apply an integrated level of deal system to cater for the challenge of a lot of customers handled in one time. This will automate all sales quickly and the transaction time will be reduced thus the customer will be content and Huge increases revenue.

6. 0The Important of system risk, security and recovery

6. 1Risk 1

Raise the risk for Electronic Shelf Labeling or Digital Pricing may be collateral for Giant as a Whole. It would impact Giant functional activities. Here are the risk that can happen:

Virus attack

One of many risks would be virus illness. There is a chance of the system/server being bargain by Virus. Because the system/server are working wirelessly if the product is infected the whole database costs system will probably be affected. The chance is that value may alter, price details missing and price fine detail different between Electronic Corner label plus the electronic point of deal at the table. This is how virus works at present, if 1 file can be infected that other will eventually follow. The virus can be easily come from the internet and thumb travel when Giant staff planned to enter info and data file to update the document. The possibility of them inputting computer virus without being aware about it

6th. 1 . one particular Security you

As a reliability measure Giant should set up the best anti virus security to their system whether it Kaspersky or Symantec. It’s important to enable them to install this product to protect themselves against disease attack or any type of hackers. Different important thing that Giant Hypermarket has to take into account is that they have to use on upgrading their anti virus. They have to try this in frequent basis as nowadays new viruses are set up and Prevention of it is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of their very own system. Continue regular contact with those who give them the Anti-virus program to ensure they are

becoming updated with new technology or perhaps system.

six. 1 . a couple of Recovery you

If the Anti virus didn’t job it would be better for Big to come up with one more solution. Planning a Backup file is the best alternative for Giant Hypermarket. Big could use the SQL back-up and recovery to minimize the chance of data loss. With this back up engine it offers giant the choice to back up their very own data on a daily basis. It could backup a specific database or the total server of what Giant intend to conserve. They can then simply restore your data when the threat is gone. Source: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms187048.aspx

6th. 2 Risk 2


Computer system inability is another systems risk encountered by GIANT Company. This includes the use of wrong types of hardware and software, defective and poor quality of gadgets such as printers, scanners, fax machines, keyboards, mouse and routers. This could cause the device to crash and can result in the loss of the organization’s vital information. 6th. 2 . you Security two

Security Steps by employing Protect Infosys. This can be a professional info security talking to company devoted to IT secureness assessments along with security schooling services and policy advancement. Giant can hire confer with Secure Infosys which will keep the corporation protected in the latest security threats and assist in achieving the highest reliability levels. This might help Big to be able to safeguarded its data.

6. 2 . 3 Restoration 3: Restoration Procedure.

After having a disaster offers occurred in an organization, it does not show that the organization must stop its daily organization activities and operations. Therefore , in order for the business to continue having its activities regardless of the disaster, it must have a tragedy recovery plan. Disaster recovery plan is likewise known as business continuity prepare or backup plan. “Business continuity organizing (BCP) is a rigorous and well-informed company methodology intended for developing a organization continuity program, a step-by-step guideline determining how the organization will cure a disaster or extended interruption of their business process.  (Haag & Cummings, 2008) DEVASTATION RECOVERY PROCEDURE

Figure 3 below is known as a diagram of the disaster recovery process. 1st the business operates effortlessly and when tragedy strikes the organisation, procedures are interupted with and daily organization operations will be disrupted. It is the work in the Disaster Recovery to restore the operations immediately and once the disaster can be cleared, the operation can easily continue as usual. Figure several

Disaster Restoration Process (Cisco Systems Incorporation., 2009)

7. 0Conclusion

Large Hypermarket could be the primary retail Supermarket in Malaysia in their carry on improving and maintaining the idea of selling for affordable price to the consumer. They may try to implement the new approach mention to improvise the present IT placement they are rehearsing. This could great benefit Big and the Consumer if they are able to do so. To summarize all Huge Hypermarket potentially have to lead the in the industry since keep on infiltrating other international Market because what they did in Singapore and Brunei. As long as that they stick to their pricing strategy, Giant Hypermarket will be in the market for many years to come. (Word Count 3408 excluding Table of content and reference)


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