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Advertisement essay introduction

The majority of advertisers employ different appeals to create stereotypes about their people

because people typically buy publications which in shape the stereotypes they make regarding themselves.


model, people who constantly read Newsweek are mostly people who are at work, who are

monetarily stable, and who have an interest in the world condition. On the other hand, the

audiences of Shape are mainly young girls that are interested in lowering their weight loads or

surrounding up. In Jib Fowles essay, Advertisings Fifteen Standard Appeals, this individual discusses the

fifteen psychological appeals that are often seen in many advertising. To corroborate his

postulations of advertising campaign, I focused on a specific mag, Cosmopolitan, and checked if perhaps

I could identify the stereotypes the advertisers make regarding audiences by utilizing appeals he

After examining ten advertisements from Multicultural, I realized that there were two common

is of interest in most in the ten ads: sexual, and autonomy.

First, let us look at the three ads regarding

different fragrances, Splendor, Dazzling, and Real love. Both the ads of Attractiveness and

Stunning have females clad in strap dresses and held by guys. The photo of Stunning

shows a lady in dark party gown, dancing which has a man in tuxedo. Next to her spectacular smile

may be the word, Dazzling, and the two perfume wine bottles.

In the ad of Splendor, a

attractive, brown woman with her pinky finger around a guys neck is about to kiss him. Its copy

states A fragrance Sensation, A Sparkling Like Story, and Wonderfully Passionate. These

advertisements surely entail sexual speaks because it is apparent that the marketers are trying to help to make

the women look as female as possible with them reveal their skin area and adopt their

men. Also, the copies of Splendor retrieve audiences interest by attractive to their longing for

romantic endeavors and amour.

The ad of True Love also appeals to sexuality by demonstrating a

woman with a drowsy expression in a lying down situation.

The other appeal I came across is the dependence on autonomy, the need to credit the self. The

three advertisings about ladies suits, glassware, and cosmetic makeup products are great illustrations. An advertisement of

ladies suit has five women in five different gray suits who have look competent.

The catch phrase

says, Letem know who you are. The additional ad of glassware reveals a beautiful light woman

within a white blouse with glasses. She has her blond curly hair put up, and she is studying a daily news. The

copy on the top left corner reads, Countless Possibilities.

The third advertising of Maybellines

foundation dessert also has a white woman wearing white-colored blouse with her hair up. Many of these

three ads have ladies who look aspired, intellectual, and independent. These types of ads affect

womens good need to end up being the way they really want, and to endorse themselves.

These appeals are effective in persuading girls to buy the items by giving females

illusions that they may look alluring or 3rd party just like the ladies in the ads if that they buy

By finding the appeals advertisers work with, one can tell how the marketers view the


Females usually get perfume to include in their charm and self-confidence. Especially

ladies who are physically matured are easily attracted to sex appeals as advertisers want

because this kind of women knowingly fear the fading with their sexual enchantement as they age. Also

females at work or perhaps women who wish to work strongly search for independence because women will be

usually oppressed by the world, for the stereotypes about women they are incapable include

not entirely been taken out. To overthrow such bogus assumptions regarding women, a large number of wish

to prove to themselves and to the society that she is aspired, and this wounderful woman has abilities to manage


With this sort of womens tendencies in mind, the advertisers in the magazine, Cosmopolitan

are stereotyping about their audiences that they are small women of age twentys to early

fortys who live in towns, who are curious about relationships with men, and who are

seeking to be looked since independent ladies.


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